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For your broadcast quality Voiceover in Neutral English, African English, Yoruba Language, Pidgin English and Other Nigerian / African Languages, this is where it all gets done PROFESSIONALLY.

About Me

Abimbola AKA The Voice Of Abim, is an Award Winning Nigerian / African Voice Artist. Born in Lagos Nigeria, he is a Full-time, Trained and Experienced Voice-over Artist who has been in the creative industry for over a decade. Being a well known Nigerian Voice-over Artist with over 3000 paid projects completed, Abimbola has lent his Uniquely Rich African  Voice to numerous notable brands within Nigeria and across the globe, brands like Google, QuickTeller, GT Bank, WHO (World Health Organization), First Bank Nigeria, Netflix, Jameson Whiskey, MTN, Verve, Nestle, APC, Lotus Capital, LG, Jumia, GLO, Golden Penny, Johnny Walker, CocaCola, Airtel, Guinness Nigeria, Opay Digital, Jiji Ng, Access Bank, Microsoft, GoTv, Labour Party, Bolt, Nigerian Breweries, and the list goes…….. Abimbola records voice-overs in English, Nigerian English, African English, Pidgin English and Yoruba Language.

Abimbola has always loved doing cool stuff with his voice but never got around doing this on a professional level earlier enough, as he now wishes. His major Voice-over journey began in England, working part-time as the Lime-House Dockland Light Railway (DLR) Station Manager in London, where it was required of him to make announcements from time to time, whilst running a Master’s degree course at the University of Wales. A frequent passenger who was herself a top rated UK Voice-over Talent, sought him out and led him on, after having heard his voice over the PA so many times. In her words, “Abimbola, you have a uniquely rich African voice the world needs to hear more of”. Abimbola has never for once left the Voice-over path since then!


What I Can Help With

With over a decade of recording and producing Voice-Overs professionally, and over 3000 paid projects completed successfully, I can assure you of a 100% satisfaction in, but absolutely not limited to the Voice-Over services below:


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